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Eat Your Calf (Part 1 & 2)
24 min. 30 sec.

Eat Your Calf (Part 1 & 2) hovers somewhere in the space between performance documentation and my video practice, which sometimes consists of the recontextualization and weaving of found and personal footage. The piece explores the metaphysics of life-giving, improvisation and the performer-audience relationship, and the confrontation/integration of the traumatized self in and through the body.

Creating this work was a necessary reminder of how important it is for BIPOC (and other communities that experience the daily perversions of systemic injustice) to share our own stories ourselves, the way we wish them to be told.

Special thanks to Zander Porter, Djibril Sall, Morgan Gu, and Federica Bueti for your friendship and artistic support, and SomoS Berlin x CTM/transmediale for hosting the original performance in January 2019.