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Reading the Body: A Performative Writing Workshop
October 29 & 30 2021
Within the context of Somatic Charting. The House is a Body by Elena Basteri and TIER (Lorenzo Sandoval & Benjamin Busch)

Reading the Body is a performative writing workshop conceived by Monilola Olayemi Ilupeju with the intention of examining the drafting processes that unfold across the body, on the page and in everyday life. Selected participants will develop new and pre-existing pieces of writing with themes related to body image, mental health, identity, and desire. These texts will serve as the basis for performative scores, to be developed by the group amidst the collective editing process and group exercises. The aim of the workshop is not to arrive at a neat, definitive text or performance, but rather, to locate strategies and tools that encourage a more tactile approach to writing and integrated healing. Acknowledging the beauty and difficulty of shared vulnerability, the workshop will be punctuated by periodical check-ins and group discussions at the end of each session, giving participants the space to decompress, re-ground, and express any observations or questions that that may come up.

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